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Vintage Weapons (previously known as Classic Weapons) were obtained through data of the original Murder Mystery, before Murder Mystery 2.

These are the original items in the game Murder Mystery, and can not be salvaged.

This is the complete list for all classic/vintage weapons in the game. They are only obtainable by trading, and cannot be obtained in any other way.

Vintage Weapons

Name Tier Type Ways to Get Image
Cowboy Classic Gun Trading Only 144290769.png
Phaser Classic Gun Trading Only 144325423.png
Laser Classic Gun Trading Only 54798135.png
Golden Classic Gun Trading Only
America Classic Gun Trading Only
Splitter Classic Knife Trading Only
Ghost Classic Knife Trading Only
Prince Classic Knife Trading Only
Shadow Classic Knife Trading Only
Blood Classic Knife Trading Only
Blood Updated.png


  • Most of the Vintage Weapons had a special ability before the Perks/Powers were added.
    • There are also some that had special sounds and some that didn't have any special powers.
  • Classic Weapons were renamed to Vintage Weapons in the Season 1 update as a new tab named "Classic" appeared in the player's inventory referring to pre-Season 1 weapons.
    • All Vintage Weapons are found at the bottom of the "Classic" tab in a player's inventory.
  • There are a total of 10 Vintage Weapons.