About Me

My name is Realify, and I am a bureaucrat in this wiki. Basically, I have the ability to fully moderate articles, discussion threads, block users who break the rules, as well as managing other user's user rights.

The 2 main games I play are Growtopia and ROBLOX. I play all kinds of games in ROBLOX, usually together with my friends. However, if I were to choose 3 of my most favourite games, it would be Arsenal, Strucid, and Murder Mystery 2.

How to contact me?

Just leave a message on my Message Wall, I try my best to respond in under 24 hours!

If you're looking to direct message me, perhaps in an effort to get a quicker response everytime you need assistance, feel free to add my Discord, Realify#2021. I am extremely active there - I have it open on my background all the time.

Useful links

Before contributing in articles or getting involved in discussions, I highly recommend checking out the rules and guidelines for yourself.

Want to know more about the staff team and the hierarchy of user rights? Read more here!

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