Going to be less active now because I have end-of-course exams coming up and I can't fail. Please report anything to Realify, Parkour, or Ninjaking. Thank you in advance

Hello ! My name is Bluestar0326, but you can just call me Blue.

Pronouns I go by: She/her

I won’t be able to be on this wiki after 9:30 pm EST since I have screen time restrictions now. However, there will be VERY few cases where I can be active longer. If anything urgent, please contact one of the other staff members (link on my message wall or if you scroll down on this page).

This is pretty much the only wiki I'm on. I've posted once or twice in other wikis but that's it. I am usually on almost all the time just browsing through pages, but there will be times I won't be on because of things going on in my life.

Some things about me: I love to paint and draw, I speak two languages and am starting to learn a third, I'm not an organized person whatsoever, and I really don't like Math.

If you want to contact me on Discord, you have to be on the MM2 wiki Discord server or add me as a friend on it. If you are trying to add me as a friend, please let me know on my message wall or else I will most likely ignore your request.

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--- Murder Mystery 2 ---

I have lost interest in playing the game but I am still looking for trades for my items.

My inventory: Ginger Set (2018 legendary), Nightblade, Eggblade, Orange Seer, Deathshard, and Icicles set. I use both value sites so feel free to offer on my message wall.

I also have assorted classic, Season 1, and event weapons for adds.

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