Unique Weapons

The first unique weapon was Corrupt. It was obtained when the only 50 players of Murder Mystery (before it was officially released) lost their data. Nikilis gave them corrupt as an apology. Corrupt used to be worth 5,000 seers but now it's steadily getting lower due to people "duping" the weapon, at one point having a value of seers in the low 95s. It looks like a knife wrapped in golden tin foil.

Name Type Ways To Get Image
Corrupt Knife Trading/Data Loss

The Blue Candy Cane was available during the 2017 Christmas event only 100 were given out and they are unobtainable as you are not able to trade them. Frankly, this knife despite its rarity is not really well known and not talked about near as much as Corrupt.

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Knife Getting on the leader board
Blue Candy Cane-1

The Red Hallow has the same story as the Blue Candy Cane, but it is from Halloween 2018.

(Sorry for low-quality image, it is the best one I could find.)

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Halloween 2018 leaderboard



  • The first unique knife was called "Corrupt" and can only be obtained by trading as of now. The knife is displayed as having a "Vintage" Rarity.
  • Nikilis gave this knife to people who lost their data back in the original Murder Mystery as a way of apologizing for the glitch in the game.
  • The blue candy cane, corrupt and Red Hallow are the only 3 unique knives in the game and are the rarest of all the weapons in the game.
  • This tier used to be called 'Victim' until unknown reasons it was changed