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Trading is a core mechanic with the purpose of exchanging one's own items for another player's items. The value of an item is measured in Seers, Demand, or Rarity.

The side menu that appears once clicking a player's name.

In order to trade, one must click the desired person to trade with on the player list on the top right, a small menu will appear with "Profile" and "Trade" buttons. Once "Trade" is clicked, a request to trade will appear on the screen of the person requested. The person can then either deny or accept the trade request. If they deny, the trade request will disappear. Although, if they accept, a trading menu will cover the whole screen. Your inventory will appear on the left side on the screen. To put in an item into the trade, click an item. What the person that is being traded with puts into the trade will appear. Every time an item is put into the trade, 6 seconds must be waited in order to accept. You can only trade 4 unique items, but you can do multiple of them.

If you do not wish to trade, there is a button underneath the player list, which allows you to turn off your trade requests, therefore meaning you wont receive any incoming trade requests from other players, but can still trade with others if their trades are on.

Tradeable items include: guns, knives, pets, and miscellaneous objects such as Mystery Keys, Gifts, and Wrapping Paper.

There are two main value sites: (external) MM2 values and Supreme Values.[1]


  • Trading is and has been vulnerable to scamming, data loss, value loss, and duping. It is an overall risk to trade.
  • There is a glitch while trading where both persons on the trade menu cannot add items.
  • Trades can also break, forcing you to rejoin the server.
  • There is a glitch while trading where neither of the players accepted the trade, the trade auto accepts, the item you place will be gone from your inventory.