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The price for each of the items and the bundle

The Sparkle Time Pack was a pack full of common knives which were purchasable before Season 1. Now you cannot buy any weapons from the pack, as it was removed from the shop. You had the option to buy one knife of your choice, or the whole pack for a sum of each price. They can now only be found when trading.


Sparkle Set Weapons
Name Type Image
Sparkle1 Knife Sparkle1.png
Sparkle2 Knife Sparkle2.png
Sparkle3 Knife Sparkle3.png
Sparkle4 Knife Sparkle4.png
Sparkle5 Knife Sparkle5.png
Sparkle6 Knife Sparkle6.png
Sparkle7 Knife Sparkle7.png
Sparkle8 Knife Sparkle8.png
Sparkle9 Knife Sparkle9.png
Sparkle10 Knife Sparkle10.png


  • It was most likely based of the famous Sparkle Time Series
  • The sparkle set is the set with the most weapons currently in the game.
  • The Sparkle Time Pack is similar to the Skate Pack.
  • Sparkle Time Pack and the Skate Pack were both removed in the Season 1 update.