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Shadow is a vintage knife originally obtained from Murder Mystery 1, purchasable for 125 Cash at the time. It can now only be obtained through trading.


The Shadow knife is a katana shaped weapon with a long, thin, purple blade. Its guard is bright golden while its handle is thin with a shade of violet. The end of the handle has mini golden rings with another mini handle as well.


  • The model itself is based off from the gear accessory made by ROBLOX called Dual Katana's of the DarkAge Clan which can be obtained through purchasing it for 5,000 Robux, it is currently a Limited Item in the catalog on an unknown date.
  • Shadow used to let you be invisible for 6 seconds and attacking would deactivate it for 15 seconds, similar to the Ghost Perk, although there is a 1 second difference when using the actual perk.
  • Shadow used to have a different throw animation to a normal knife.
  • It's currently the 3rd smallest knife in the game, and one of the thinnest knives in the game.
  • This is one of the ten weapons in the Vintage Set, the others being: Ghost, Phaser, Golden, America, Blood, Splitter, Laser, Prince, and Cowboy
  • There was a bug, which was making Shadow have 0 width, and Shadow knife was looking like a 2D picture


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