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Seer is a godly knife that is used as the base value on many value lists, as it is the least valued godly item in the game. It was obtained by crafting (salvaging 10 legendary weapons to get 20 legendary shards), or trading.


Seer's model was taken from the ROBLOX Avatar Shop gear, Overseer Short Sword. The knife features a jagged, neon green blade with black hemispheres of varying sizes on its sides. The handle is black and jagged with neon green cracks. On its upper sides, there are four green eyes with vertical slit pupils of ranging sizes, the third eye from the top-down being the largest.


  • Before Season 1, Seer used to be crafted by salvaging 5 legendary weapons for 10 legendary shards, but now, players must salvage twice that amount to craft one.
  • There was a brief period of time in 2016 that Seer was unobtainable, this was because crafting was temporarily closed during that time for updates therefore Seer could not be crafted.
  • This, Tides, and Heat were used to craft Flames before Season 1.
  • Seer is the value indicator used on MM2Values.
  • It has a chroma version called Chroma Seer.

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