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The thumbnail used for the Season 1 update

Season 1 is an event which started in late May 2019, and is still ongoing. It offered a new GUI design, several new maps, new weapons, and new pets.



  • Collapsible players list.
  • Slightly adjusted emotes section.
  • A completely redesigned Inventory and Shop interfaces.
  • A completely redesigned Round Ending Screen.
  • The game now shows a "Victory" sign, different designs for each Role, if the player wins a round.
  • A "Time's Up!" sign will appear for the sheriff/hero/murderer if the time runs out before they can accomplish their tasks.
  • A "Victory" text now shows on top of the sheriff/hero/murderer if they win, can be only seen by other players.
  • Redesigned survival XP counter/countdown.
  • A "Game Over" text will appear on top of the survival XP counter when time runs out (only appears for innocents).
  • All murderer eliminations, sheriff wins, and innocent survivals were reset.



  • Added 21 new pets: Cat, Dog, Bunny, Pig, Fox, Bear, Bat.
    • Each pet has a fire variant and a chroma fire variant.
  • Pets can only be bought via the Common Egg, which costs 1,000 coins, instead of separate Pet Boxes.
    • Pet crates and pets that were available for coins were removed and replaced with pet eggs



Murder Mystery 2's logo as of Season 1

  • The game's logo temporarily changed to a Rune knife on a purple background.
  • When a sheriff/hero successfully shoots the murderer, a new sound effect will play and confetti will emanate from the murderer's avatar pieces.
  • Weapon crates now cost 1000 coins to purchase, for any kind of crates. This is due to an increase in the amount of coins that can be collected in a round.
  • Trading for all systems compatible to Roblox was added.
  • Season 1 items are currently neither salvagable nor craftable.