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Golden Shield

Vandalism is the act of messing up articles on a Wiki. It is a major issue that every Wiki on the Internet, including the famous Wikipedia, suffers and cannot escape from. There are always notorious users who like wrecking stuff with no reason at all. We have a full set of policies for all users to follow, as well as different measures for this wiki to fix vandalism effectively.

Main Point

The main point is: Vandalism is unacceptable. All kinds of vandalism are strictly prohibited, and edits which involve any kind of vandalism must be instantly reverted.

Inserting nonsense, foul language, inappropriate content, distorting and spamming on articles, creation of spam pages, as well as large-scale removal of contents without legitimate reasons, and renaming articles into gibberish titles, are some of the many actions considered a vandalism.

Vandlism Counters

Undo & Rollback

All users can use the "Undo" function on the edit history of articles to revert any accidental vandalism edits. If the case is serious, you can also contact Administrators for them to step in.

"Rollback" is a tool enabled to all Bureaucrats, Administrators and Content Moderators. This allows quicker reverting of vandalism by instantly reverting all consecutive edits from a user on a page.

Article Protection

As many anonymous users caused serious damage to other Wikis before, all contributors must now log in or register before contributing. However, there are also some registered users who would pay no attention and violate the rules. Article protection is the action of locking down articles to prevent certain user groups to edit, rename or create them, depending on the protection status. All members on or above Content Moderator rank have the power to deploy protection. There are 2 kinds of protection levels.

Protection Levels

Silver Shield

Ice Prince Shield

Prevents newly-registered accounts from modifying the protected pages. Auto-confirmed users are not affected. This is widely used when a page is repeatedly vandalized by many newcomers.

Golden Shield

Golden Shield

Prevents anyone other than Content Moderators and higher ranks to modify the locked pages. Commonly used to prevent articles of future locations being created, as well as when vandalism or edit wars involving Auto-confirmed users break out. Certain important pages such as homepage and guidelines are also locked.

Ban Levels

Bronze Crest


If a user repeatedly vandalizes articles, causing widespread damage to the MM2 Wiki, Bureaucrats or Administrators may suspend the user's rights of editing.

Before actually issuing a suspension of editing powers, a warning message is usually sent first to the message wall of the user who vandalized this wiki from an Administrator or a Content Moderator. Discussion Moderators may also send warnings if they find a user who swears or spams in the comment section.

Silver Crest


Users who frequently uses swear words on somebody else's user page, blogs, or articles will be banned from wrting any sort of comment in this wiki. They may even get banned from editing this wiki depending on the situation.

Gold Crest


Users who are suspected to have alt accounts to repeatedly vandalize this wiki will also get an IP ban, which means they will not be able to use any accounts to vandalize this wiki from their IP address. They will be banned for a couple of weeks but if they continue to vandalize this wiki after the first ban, they may be banned again for an extended time period.

Diamond Crest


In very certain cases, If I am sure the user will never stop trying to vandalize this Wiki, I might consider permanently banning the user. This means a block that will last forever, and the user will never be able to edit in this wiki again for the rest of his life.


In this wiki, trying to scam in this wiki is highly prohibited. Anyone caught trying to scam in this wiki will be terminated from editing this wiki permanently. Also, it is not suggested to make a page for trading in this wiki, since it is likely to get "messy". Please only put trades or knives for sale in blogs or something.