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Research Facility is an interactive map added on March 5th, 2020. Fans had anticipated for this map after it was leaked in a JD thumbnail. It was initially speculated to be an updated version of Bio Lab.

New Feature

Research Facility is called an "interactive map" because of the multiple buttons/machines in the map.

Interactive Features

  • The Garage - There's a lever in the main room which players can pull to open up the garage.
  • The Emergency Switch - This lever is also in the main room. This will close the doors and turn on the red lights.
  • The Yellow Doors - These yellow doors can be remotely shut by stabbing the electricity box to one of the doors. This will shut the doors quickly. The murderer can use this to shut off others from entering the main room. The electricity boxes on the doors can be killed again, unlike the electricity box controlling the facility.
  • The Electricity Box - The electricity box next to the tube in the main room can be stabbed by the murderer to turn off the power to the whole facility for a period of time. After, the electricity box will be fixed and will be unable to be stabbed again.
  • Special Panel in the Main Room - This panel activates the tube right in front of it. The facility aims to clone the person inside, but it can go wrong. A person can become burnt, turn into Nikilis, get a big head, turn clear, be covered in the blue liquid, be teleported to the vat of blue liquid, or be cloned. If there are two or more people in the tube, they will both be killed. Once someone is cloned, the machine no longer works.
  • Red Tube - There's an empty red tube in the area with all the other red tubes. The one of the far left has a button which can be pressed to go inside the tube.
  • Role Machine - When this machine is activated it will say the person's role. It will turn green and say innocent if the player is innocent, it will turn blue if they are sheriff, and it will turn red if they are murderer. If the player steps out of the machine during testing it will show an error. This feature was in the original MM1 map TheLab . This machine is known to break and will sometimes not show the correct role.


Research Facility is based off the maps Bio Lab and TheLab. This map consists of a main area with a garage, many machines, tubes, and rooms with special features and hiding spots.

Hiding Spots

  • Blue Liquid- There is a vat of harmless, blue liquid that players can hide in.
  • Red Liquid- Behind red tube on far right or left.
  • Red tubes- press the button to go inside one red tube and go behind another red tube to get inside.
  • Barrel- Players can go inside the barrel of hazardous toxic waste.
  • Garage- This can be found in the core of the map, if the lever is clicked, a garage door opens. The lever inside the garage is then used to close the garage door.
  • Vents- There's a small system of vents that lead to various rooms in the facility.
  • Storage Area- There are many places players can hide in this room, for example: the shelving unit.
  • Secret Room- There's a small room under the stairs in the storage area.
  • Role Machine- Players are able to slide in between the machine and the wall. 


  • This is the first map to have interactive features like a garage, lockdown and machines
  • This is the second map to have teleporters. 
    • The first time was in an old MM1 map called TheLab.