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Not even murder can stand between me and my love of Reptiles!

—Reptile's description

Reptile is a common knife that was originally obtainable by redeeming the code "R3PT1L3." It is now only obtainable through trading as the code has since expired.


The knife appears to be covered in green scales, similarly to a reptile, hence the name. Its blade is forest green with a few discolored darker scales. The guard is army green, and the handle, the darkest portion of the knife, is dark green.


  • SuperBananaNinja was the creator of the knife, and it was a knife submission for Murder Mystery 2's rival game Murder in 2014.[1]
  • Like Glitch, Reptile’s picture is facing straight up unlike most knives.
  • It is the second code knife to be released in Murder Mystery 2, the first being Gifted.
  • It was released the same day as Gifted, and the code could only be redeemed for 48 hours before officially expiring[2].