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Current skin of the Rainbow Box.

The old skin of the Rainbow Box

Contents of the Rainbow Box.

Rainbow Box is a weapon crate which can be purchased from the shop for 1,000 coins, 100 diamonds, or a Mystery Key. It used to cost 200 coins before the Season 1 update.

Possible Rewards

This list below shows every knife that can be unboxed from the Rainbow Box:

Rainbow Box's Weapons
Name Tier Type Chance
Brown Common 70%
Pink Uncommon 15%
Black Rare 10%
Shiny Legendary 5%
Heat Godly 1%*
Chroma Heat <1%*

*The exact chance of unboxing a Godly weapon is unknown, but it is most likely less than 1%.

The Rainbow Box has three different purchase options which are listed below.
1,000 Coins 100 Gems 1 Key

Notes & Trivia

  • When the Rainbow Box was first released in Murder Mystery 2 shop, it was named the MLG Box and contained knives related to popular memes at the time (for example, MLG, Doritos, Fanta, Kool, Dew, LMFAO, etc. were used as memes). It was removed soon afterwards and changed to the "Chroma Box", then changed again to the name we know today as "Rainbow Box". It was changed due to copyright reasons the first time, but it is unknown why the name was changed the second time.
  • This is the only weapon box other than holiday boxes, that is not numbered.
  • The knives inside are all colours (besides Heat & Chroma Heat).