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Current skin of the Rainbow Box.

Rainbow Box is a weapon crate that was introduced on August 6, 2016, as a redesign idea for the Chroma Box.[1][2] It can be purchased from the shop for 1,000 coins, 100 diamonds, or a Mystery Key.

Possible Rewards

This list below shows every knife that can be unboxed from the box:

Possible Rewards
Name Type Rarity Chance Image
Brown Knife Common 70% Brown improved.png
Orange Knife Common 70% Orange improved.png
Yellow Knife Common 70% Yellow improved.png
Green Knife Common 70% Green improved.png
Pink Knife Uncommon 15% Pink improved.png
Blue Knife Uncommon 15% Blue improved.png
Red Knife Uncommon 15% Red improved.png
Black Knife Rare 10% Black improved.png
Purple Knife Rare 10% Purple improved.png
Shiny Knife Legendary 5% Shiny improved.png
Heat Knife Godly <1%* Heatv2.png
Chroma Heat Knife Godly <1%* Chroma Heat.png
*The chances of obtaining a godly weapon is unknown.


  • The box was originally known as the MLG Box and then the Chroma Box.
  • This is the only weapon box other than holiday boxes, that is not numbered
  • The knives inside are all colors (besides Heat & Chroma Heat).
  • It used to cost 200 coins before the Season 1 update.