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Pumpkin was a common pet that was first introduced during the Halloween Event 2017. It was first obtainable by redeeming the promo code "HW2017,” however, the code is now expired. It would make its return in Halloween Event 2018, being obtainable through claiming the 1st tier in the Main Event.


Pumpkin 2017/2018 pet has an orange base with a carved out red sinister face. It also has a brown stem.


  • Despite both the 2017 and 2018 version having the exact same look, they are completely separated when viewed from user's inventory.
  • This pet's model originates from the limited ROBLOX catalog hat, Sinister P.
  • Currently, this is the only pet which was obtainable by redeeming a code.

Tier 1

DogCatBunnySnowmanSanta Dog2020 PumpkinBadgerUFOPigFoxPengyPiggyElf ReindeerPumpkin 2019SeahorseyChillyFairyDogeyPumpkin (2017/2018)BearBlack CatMr. Snowman

Tier 2

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Tier 3

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Special Tier

Heart (<3)

Chroma Tier

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