Pumpkin (2017) is a common that was first introduced during the 2017 Halloween event. It was first obtainable by redeeming a promo code, "HW2017" (Expired).

Notes and Trivia

  • This item was reintroduced in Halloween Event 2018 and was made reobtainable through claiming the 1st tier on the Tier Rewards during the event.
  • Despite both the 2017 and 2018 version having the exact same look, they are completely separated when viewed from user's inventory.
  • This pet's model originates from the limited ROBLOX catalog hat Sinister P.
  • Currently, this is the only pet obtained by redeeming a code.

Tier 1

DogCatBunnySnowmanSanta Dog2020 PumpkinBadgerUFOPigFoxPengyPiggyElf ReindeerPumpkin 2019SeahorseyChillyFairyDogeyPumpkin (2017/2018)BearBlack Cat

Tier 2

Mr. ReindeerEliteyBatZombie DogElf (2019) ScarecrowBlue Pumpkin (2020)Blue Pumpkin (2019)Green Pumpkin (2020)Green Pumpkin (2019)RudolphVampire BatRed Pumpkin (2020)Red Pumpkin (2019)MechbugEyeballNobledragonIceyOverseer EyeRed Pumpkin (2018)Green Pumpkin (2018)GhostTankieSkellyPurple Pumpkin (2018)Blue Pumpkin (2018)

Tier 3

Ice PhoenixJetstreamTravellerFire PigFire DogFire CatFire FoxFire BunnyFire BearFire BatFrostbirdDeathspeakerElectroSammyPhoenixSteambird

Special Tier

Heart (<3)

Chroma Tier

Chroma Fire DogChroma Fire BearChroma Fire PigChroma Fire FoxChroma Fire BatChroma Fire CatChroma Fire Bunny

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