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Phaser is a vintage gun from Murder Mystery 1. It is now only obtainable through trading.


Phaser looks like a revolver, but bulkier and more futuristic. It’s mainly brown and silver throughout the gun, but has small rectangle shapes on the barrel of the gun that are orange.


  • This gun used to have a unique and different shooting sound effect from other guns.
  • Phaser's model derives from the ROBLOX gear Zephanon Phaser and Shield purchasable from the avatar shop for 900 Robux.
  • The gun's model is very large and is in fact the largest gun in the game, and the 2nd longest gun in the game (the longest one being Laser).
  • Phaser is one of the ten weapons in the Vintage Set, the others being: Shadow, Ghost, Golden, America, Blood, Splitter, Laser, Prince, and Cowboy

Tier 1


Tier 2