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The main room.

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The computer lab.

RobloxScreenShot20180506 131604996

The working area.

Office 3 is one of the maps in Murder Mystery 2.

Unlike the original Office map, it is bigger and has many more hiding spots to hide in from murderers.

It looks similar to Office and has similar layouts, except quite a few things have changed. For example, the colors are different and the typewriters have been replaced with computers.

Hiding spots:

  1. Behind the water dispenser in the room with two exits.
  2. In the elevator shaft.
  3. Behind the fax machine.
  4. Under the table in the computer lab.
  5. Behind the chairs in the main room.
  6. In the bathroom stalls.
  7. under the boxes in the computer lab.


  • In the room with the table and the knife hologram, outside the window you can see Zyleak on a toilet.
  • After the R15 update, Zyleak's Hole was blocked off so you couldn't get in, but it still exists, using shift lock to look through the map. But you just can't get inside.