Nikilis is a well-known creator in the Roblox Community and mostly famous for the revolutionary Roblox Game, Murder Mystery 2.

He has also created various games like Trucking Tycoon, Crazy Obstacles, Epic Building, and Hangout. But they are all closed because some of them are planned, but some of them are just unused games.

The only current game he opened to the public is Murder Mystery 2.


  • the Assassin Gamemode in Murder Mystery 2 was based off prisman's Assassin, which is another popular murder game.
  • Murder Mystery 2 won a lot of Bloxy Awards, including Most VIP Servers and Favorite Updating Game.
  • Nikilis has a net worth of 2,000,000 Robux.
  • Nikilis currently has more than 16K+ friend requests.
  • Nikilis temporarily got banned from the DevForums for shouting.