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Nik's Scythe is an ancient knife given to players who helped report bugs to Nikilis or close friends of him. There is no way to obtain it besides being one of Nikilis' friends (given personally by Nikilis through a code entered in-game).


It has a relatively long thin black handle with a small curved grip on the bottom with finger nubs engraved on it. Attached to the top of the handle is the blade’s ring clamp that looks like a bat with a teal crystal placed on top of its head. The actual blades of the scythe are made out of the teal and black wings of the bat.


  • It is the teal reskin of the ancient knife under the name Batwing. This is due to Batwing originally being a Nikilis exclusive item.
  • Like Batwing, its model derives from the Roblox gear Bat Scythe.
  • To this date, there are only 7 confirmed owners of Nik's Scythe.
    • didi1147 (also known as Dylan) was given a code for Nik's Scythe for his birthday. He later uploaded a video on December 14th, 2020 explaining what happened. The code is actually still "usable", but, upon redeeming, it says it's already been used.
  • There is a common misconception that NapkinNate has one in his video titled "I GOT THE RAREST KNIFE IN MURDER MYSTERY 2! (ROBLOX Murder Mystery 2)". He does not; he borrowed Zyleak's scythe for a video.
  • This is one of the few scythes in game, the others being Batwing, Icewing, Elderwood Scythe, Hallowscythe, Reaver and Gingerscythe.
  • A common misunderstanding is that this scythe was duped, which is not the case. A JD video confirmed that Nikilis constantly watches over all the scythes in the game which means that even if it was duplicated, it would be removed from their respective inventory.


The current known owners of the Nik's Scythe are:

  1. Nikilis
  2. Zyleak
  3. Slouse
  4. Julrbx
  5. IDontHaveAUse
  6. didi1147
  7. Songbreeze15


Tier 3

BatwingIcewingElderwood ScytheLogchopperHallowscytheIcebreakerHarvesterSwirly AxeIcepiercerTraveler's AxeGingerscope

Special Tier

Nik's Scythe