Murder Mystery 2 Wiki

We do not have a set warning policy, as the warnings before a ban will differ based on behavior. Generally speaking:

  • Extreme ToU violations, such as posting CP, acting inappropriately towards other users, or extreme harassment or discrimination towards other users will result in an immediate permanent block with no warning or chance for an appeal, and may also result in a report to Fandom Staff for a global block.
  • If a user is not being hurtful or acting in bad faith, they will recieve at least one warning before they are blocked.
  • If a warning is not acknowledged/responded to and the behavior continues you may be blocked with less consideration, especially in cases of vandalism or spam.
  • Blocks can usually be appealed, as the issue is with the lack of communication (we need to know that you've seen the warning and know that your behavior is a problem.)
  • The table below are guidelines to ensure that blocks are administered fairly across the wiki; admins may decide that a certain offence requires a shorter or longer block depending on context, users involved, etc.
    • If a user commits multiple offenses, the higher tier offense will take priority over the lower tier one, or the block length will be extended from what it normally would be.
    • Extreme offenses will typically result in a permanent block with no warning, major offenses will result in a block for a long period of time with possibly no warnings, moderate offenses will result in a block for a moderate amount of time with warnings beforehand, and minor offenses will result in a block for a short amount of time with warnings.

2. Be civil to others.
Offense Tier Examples
Discrimination Major-Extreme Offense
  • "I think being gay is a sin"
  • "Gay/black people make me uncomfortable"
  • Deliberately deadnaming/misgendering another person
Using slurs Major Offense Using the terms nig*er, fa*got, sl*t, etc.
Insulting other users Moderate-Major Offense Calling other users stupid, telling other users to shut up, etc.
Dogpiling Moderate Offense
  • Attacking or critcizing other users in concert (also applies to bypass wikis)
Guilt tripping Moderate Offense
  • "Nobody likes me, I'll just leave" or "You all just want me to leave the wiki"
  • "I'll just go [hurt] myself"
  • Any notion that victimizes the user + intends to make users or mods feel guilty
Harassment Major-Extreme Offense
  • Following users across threads/walls to bother them
  • Spreading rumors/gossips
  • Making a post dedicated to attacking another user
Doxxing other users Major Offense Disclosing the age, personal address, phone number, or personal information of any user
Inciting violence Extreme Offense Making posts that encourage harm towards another user or group

3. Keep it appropriate.
Offense Tier Examples
Swearing Moderate Offense Using major swear words without censoring
Posting NSFW content Major-Extreme Offense Posting links to shock sites, NSFW sites, NSFW images or content, descriptions of inappropriate or sexual content
Discussing politics Moderate Offense Block only if issue is pushed
  • Statements on user walls
  • Advocating political movements
  • Discussion of political events
  • Advertising/advocating political candidates
  • Pushing a political agenda
  • In-depth debate about real-world conflicts
Justification of atrocities Extreme Offense Attempts to justify horrible events like genocide, rape, murder, violence, etc.
Insensitive jokes Moderate-Major Offense Edgy jokes or memes about self-harm, mental disorders, minority groups, sex, etc.

4. Don't be a nuisance.
Offense Tier Examples
Minimodding Moderate Offense
  • Threatening to block users without the authority
  • Warning users wihout any authority
  • Bossing around other users or telling them what to do
Advertising Minor Offense Making posts or replies solely dedicated to leading another user into other posts or site
Mass reporting/upvoting Minor Offense
  • Reporting several posts that don't actually violate the rules
  • Arbitrarily upvoting several posts for no reason
Rallying users to break the rules Major Offense Deliberately provoking other users in an attempt to get them to break the rules or egging them on
Spam Minor Offense
  • Making several posts or polls in a row
  • Clogging the feed/making it hard to find other's posts
  • Pointless or empty posts
  • Pointless or empty replies, especially across multiple posts
Necroposting Minor Offense Replying to a post or comment over a month old
Vandalism Moderate Offense Replacing parts of the article with nonsense, blanking pages, posting false information
Edit warring Moderate Offense Reverting someone's edits back and forth several times
Editing userpages without permission Moderate Offense Editing someone's userpage unless you explicitly have their permission

5. Respect other's boundaries.
Offense Tier Examples
Flirting/Uncomfortable behavior Major Offense
  • Asking uncomfortable/personal questions to other users
  • Asking other users about their personal life or crushes
  • Shipping a user with another user without their consent
Mass messaging/mentioning Moderate Offense Repeatedly messaging or mentioning another user
Linking phishing sites Extreme Offense * Sending a link to a website that compromises someone's Roblox password.
  • Sending a link that retrieves the IP address of the viewer.

Offense Tier Examples
Cross trading Moderate Offense Attempting to trade a Murder Mystery 2 item for an item outside of Murder Mystery 2, or vice versa
Begging for free items Minor Offense Only block if issue is pushed

Making posts asking people for free items or messaging other users for free items

Scamming Major Offense Attempting to, or having scammed another user through this wiki
Ban evasion Major Offense Making another account to circumvent a block; current block will be extended, and alt account will be permanently blocked
Inappropriate usernames Major Offense Making an account with an inappropriate username
Impersonation Major Offense Pretending to be another user, a different person from your main account, or a person from real life