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Vandalism is the act of messing up articles on a Wiki. It is a major issue that every Wiki on the Internet, including the famous Wikipedia, suffers and cannot escape from. There are always notorious users who like wrecking stuff with no reason at all. We have a full set of policies for all users to follow, as well as different measures for this wiki to fix vandalism effectively.

  • The gist is: Vandalism is unacceptable. All kinds of vandalism are strictly prohibited, and edits which involve any kind of vandalism must be instantly reverted.
  • Inserting nonsense, foul language, inappropriate content, distorting and spamming on articles, creation of spam pages, as well as large-scale removal of contents without legitimate reasons, and renaming articles into gibberish titles, are some of the many actions considered vandalism.

General Rules

1. Follow the FANDOM Terms of Use.
  • Per COPPA, users must be at least 13 or older (16 in California or the European Economic Area (“EEA”) excluding the U.K.) to make an account here and contribute to this wiki. Anyone younger than 13 will be blocked for a set amount of years, depending on their age. Someone disclosing their grade or web.roblox links in itself is not enough evidence.
  • Do not try to solicit other people's ages for this reason. Users are not obligated to disclose their age because of this rule, and it should not be used as an excuse to try to find out other people's ages.
2. Be civil to others.
  • Do not use slurs in this wiki, whatever the reason. Even if you did not have deragatory intentions or you were trying to 'reclaim' them, this wiki is not the place for it. Examples include n/gger, fa/got, tr/nny, sl/t, wh/re, r/tard (including 'r/eee'), etc.
  • Debates and arguments are expected, but personal attacks will not be allowed under any circumstances, and if it escalates into that, ping a moderator to sort it out and unfollow the post.
  • Respect other people's opinions. Even if you don't agree with it, stay civil and don't resort to insults.
  • Do not dogpile or harass other users. Even if a user breaks the rules or does something wrong, attempting to resolve it without any authority will almost never accomplish anything and will make it harder for staff to sort it out. Please mention a staff member, and let them know about it instead.
  • Do not guilt trip other users, which includes any situation where a user deliberately embellishes something in order to make other users feel guilty about that user, or in order to manipulate them. This can include: threatening to leave the wiki, threatening to harm yourself, posts such as "do you hate me," etc.
  • Do not make call-out posts or posts 'exposing' or 'ranting' about other users or groups. This will almost certainly incite unwanted drama on the wiki, and may be considered harassment towards the targetted user or group.
  • Do not slander other users or badmouth them behind their backs. This applies not just to this wiki, but outside of the wiki, and using a bypass wiki to talk behind other user's backs will result in reprecussions in this wiki.
  • Please do not assume someone's gender based on their profile picture, the way they talk, or their username. Always use they/them pronouns by default if you do not know what pronouns they prefer (keep in mind pronouns =/= gender, a woman may use he/him pronouns instead of she/her), and do not call someone a 'girl' or a 'boy' if you're not sure they are.
3. Keep it appropriate.
  • Swearing is allowed on this wiki as long as it is censored, and as long as it is not directed towards another person. To censor the swear word properly, replace the first vowel of it with something else, such as "f/ck," "b/tch", and "sh/t."
  • Regardless of if the swear word is censored, if it is used in an inappropriate context or a sexual context, it will be deleted, and the user will be blocked. This also does not apply to slurs, which are still banned, censored or not, regardless of the context.
  • Minor swearing is allowed uncensored as long as it is not used to an excessive degree, such as 'damn,' 'hell,' 'crap,' 'stupid,' and 'idiot.'
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for anything NSFW-related or inappropriate content on this wiki. This is a very serious rule, and will almost always result in an immediate block for an extended period of time without a warning.
  • Links to shock sites or NSFW sites are prohibited under any circumstance.
  • Do not discuss NSFW or mature topics anywhere on this wiki. This is a wiki dedicated to a kid's game, and it is not appropriate to discuss adult/mature topics in a place where hundreds of little kids visit on a daily basis.
  • Do not post violent or gory content. Written violence or roleplaying is permitted to a certain degree, but descriptions of real-life violence or gore are not permitted. Images of cartoonish blood or minor gore are permitted, but graphic or intense gore are not.
  • Suggestive/sexual content or NSFW content are not allowed under any circumstance or form.
  • Do not discuss politics or political events on this wiki. This applies to elections, bills and mandates, previous political events such as wars or revolutions, etc.
  • This does not apply to modern civil rights movements such as LGBT Pride, Black Lives Matter, etc., but it should still not be discussed on this wiki to an extensive degree.
  • Do not make offensive jokes in the light of mature or sensitive topics on this wiki, especially since they may be sensitive or triggering to some users. This includes jokes or memes about self-harm, discrimination, mental disorders, politics, or anything suggestive/sexual.
4. Don't be a nuisance.
  • Do not minimod, or act as if you are a mod or have the authority of one when you do not. This includes bossing around other users, threatening to block them, or giving them warnings when you do not have the authority, etc. Simply telling other users what's against the rules is not minimodding.
  • Do not advertise anywhere in the wiki except other's message walls (with permission from that user) or your user blogs. The advertisements do not have to be about Murder Mystery 2, but if it is too mature for this wiki, a warning must explicitly be put on that advertisement. This does not apply to NSFW or shock site links, which are prohibited under all circumstances, and will result in the link being deleted.
  • Uploading a video/image to the site and displaying it while it is on-topic or relevant to the page or post is not advertising.
  • Do not mass report posts that do not actually violate the rules for obvious reasons.
  • Do not encourage other users to break the rules, or rally or provoke other users into misbehavior. The same applies to threatening to break the rules, even if you don't intend to actually go through with it.
  • Please do not reply to random messages in people's walls unless you have something relevant to add to that message, or a good reason for it.
  • Do not spam multiple discussion posts or comments in a short period of time. It will result in all of your posts being removed, and a warning will be issued.
  • This includes making several short replies to a post in a row (4+).
  • Do not spam copypastas or the same thing over and over again anywhere. It will have the same result as the above rule.
  • Do not beg for moderator rights. It will only reduce your chances of becoming a moderator, and may result in a warning and a block.
5. Respect other's boundaries.
  • Do not flirt with other users, or act in a way that could make them uncomfortable. If someone tells you that you are making them uncomfortable, listen to them.
  • Do not ask other users personal questions or questions that could make them uncomfortable. This includes soliciting personal information from them, asking them about their sexuality, etc.
  • Do not 'ship' a user with another user without consent from both parties. If both users are comfortable with being shipped together, it's allowed as long as it doesn't become suggestive, but shipping a user with another user out of nowhere can make the user(s) uncomfortable, so please do not do it.
  • Please do not obessively message another user or constantly expect them to reply to your messages.
  • Posting links to phishing sites, or sites intended to solicit personal information or compromise other's passwords will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate block.
  • Do not disclose personal information of other users or doxx them. It will result in an immediate block, and the information will be immediately deleted.

Posting Rules

  • Do not post links outside of credible sites such as YouTube, Spotify, Roblox, etc. We will take an 'if-it-looks-like-a-duck' approach to any suspicious links that could possibly be a security risk.
  • Necroposting is when a user posts on a thread or comment that is old and dead. If a user comments on a thread older than 1 week, the user will be asked not to do that again. Failing to comply will result in a temporal ban. The bans will get stricter and stricter every time a user fails to listen until the user is permanently blocked on this wiki.
    • This rule does not apply to message walls, but please be courteous and refrain from posting on random messages if it doesn't concern you.
  • Bumping / Replying to a dead post is when a user replies to a post that hasn't gotten a reply for over 24 hours (1 day). The user in question will be asked to stop replying to dead posts, failing to comply will result in a 1 day ban every time they bump a dead post. This rule does not apply to Giveaway posts and post owners. If you wish to reply but don't want to bump a dead post, please send the owner of the post a message on their message wall so any people that have replied to the post will not get notified.


  • All discussion posts must be placed in the proper category. If it is not placed in the proper category, your post will likely be deleted.
  • Low effort posts or spam posts are not allowed. All posts must be high faith and posts created for the purpose of spam or farming post counts will be deleted.
  • Do not mass upvote other people's posts. It will spam their feed and clog it up with upvote notifications.
  • Posts made for the sole purpose of soliciting post counts (Ex: 'Last person to post wins,' 'Get this post to 1000,' etc) are prohibited and will result in the post being deleted.

Giveaway Rules

  • To host giveaways, your account must be more than a month old and you must have at least 200 posts.
  • Use the 'Giveaways' category on the Discussion Tab for giveaways, if the post is in any other categories, the post will be deleted.
  • All giveaways must have an end time, any giveaways with "Ending whenever I feel like it" or anything similar to that will be locked and/or deleted.
  • Keep replies on-topic to the giveaway. Try to not have numerous replies unless you are allowed to by the giveaway host.
  • Make sure to provide proof or get the winner to vouch you, the last thing we want is a fake giveaway.
  • Once a giveaway has ended, please mention an active staff member to lock the post to prevent any further messages.
  • Any fake giveaways will result in a long block or even a permanent block.


  • Comments left in any article must be relevant to the article's topic at hand.
  • Trading in the comments must be relevant to the article. As an example, please do not make comments about trading Nightblade in an article not about Nightblade or vice versa.

Editing Rules

For more information about editing articles, please read the Manual of Style.

  • As this is an American English Wiki, every article must be in American English with the exceptions of quotes, dialogue, and names in a foreign language. However, those would need to have an American English translation as well.
  • Make sure to check spelling and grammar before finalizing an edit.
  • Do not attempt to slip your own theories into a wiki page. This also goes for indirectly trying to disprove theories. Keep your opinions to yourself.
  • Do not make pages unrelated to the game, trading offers or requests, or fan content. You may post any of the above in the discussions instead.
  • Do not start or be involved in edit wars. Edit warring is when two or more users are undoing each other's edits for a period of time. To prevent one, just simply report the situation to an active administrator and wait for them to sort it out. Pages suffering from edit wars may end up being locked for a short period of time and any user that was involved will get a warning.
  • If you post false information, you will receive a warning, and continuation of it will result in a block.
  • Do not post fan content on the articles. If you continue to do it after staff members have told you not to, it will result in a block.
  • Do not delete any important information on any page. It will result in a warning or a block.
  • Don't misuse article or user templates. Such templates should be reserved for users who are banned, pages that are stubs, legitimate candidates for deletion, etc. These will be removed if not used properly, and a warning will be issued.
    • Creating duplicates of templates or restoring removed templates is also prohibited, and will result in a warning.
  • Adding potentially defaming, slanderous or libelous content, or causing other forms of damage to the page, will result in a warning.
  • Removal of the delete template from any unnecessary article or, when placed by an admin, category is prohibited, and will result in a warning.
  • If you are spamming unnecessary edits or 'edit farming,' it will result in a ban.
  • It is encouraged to add a relevant edit summary on your edits.
  • Please do not make large-scale edits to articles without mod approval.


  • Badges are a way to motivate people into editing articles to make them better.
  • Don't go badge farming, or only editing pages just for the sake of earning badges. If you get caught doing it, you will be blocked for a week.

Reverting Vandalism

  • All users can use the "Undo" function on the edit history of articles to revert any accidental vandalism edits. If the case is serious, you can also contact Administrators for them to step in.
  • "Rollback" is a tool enabled to all Bureaucrats, Administrators and Content Moderators. This allows quicker reverting of vandalism by instantly reverting all consecutive edits from a user on a page. If you'd like to have rollback rights, please read the below section on how to become one.


  • You are only allowed to edit your own userpage. However, if a user has granted you permission to edit their userpage, you are allowed to do so as long as you comply with Wiki policy and rules. If you edit another user's userpage without their permission, you will likely be warned not do it again or banned for a period of time depending on the circumstances.
  • Only administrators can edit user pages, but they will likely not do so unless they have a good reason.
  • Please do not add categories to your userpage.

Trading Rules

  • You are not allowed to cross trade or make posts about cross trading in this wiki as it is against Roblox's Terms of Service. You will be immediately blocked for a week if you fail to comply.
  • Do not beg people for free items. It will result in a warn and possibly escalate to a block.
  • Do not make multiple posts about trading in a row. This can be considered as spam and may result in a warn.
  • Do not mention 'Tr/derie' anywhere in the wiki. The mention of the site is globally prohibited across FANDOM due to the risk of the site stealing user cookies and potentially compromising Roblox accounts, and it may result in a global block.
  • Pages about trading are not prohibited in this wiki and will result in the page being deleted. Please make trade offers and requests in the discussions, comments, or message walls.
  • Trying to scam other users, or having scammed another user through this wiki will result in an immediate block.

Account Rules

  • Please list any and all alt accounts you have on your profile page. Attempting to circumvent a block through an alt account or using an alt account to impersonate others or acting like a different person through that account will result in all of your accounts being blocked.
  • Inappropriate usernames will not be tolerated, and will result in the account being permanently blocked. You may appeal the block provided you have changed your name to something appropriate through the user rename tool.
  • Please do not impersonate other users, as it can make other users uncomfortable and violates the Terms of Use. The same applies to 'family accounts,' such as [USERNAME]'s dad, [USERNAME]'s dog, etc.
  • Do not pretend to be a different person under a different account, even if your main account hasn't been blocked.

Block Rules

If you want to find out the severity of blockable offenses, read this page.

  • If you persist with an act that goes against wiki rules, even after several warnings, you will be blocked for a set amount of time based on the severity of the offenses. If you fail to change after the ban has expired, you will be blocked indefinitely. The minimum ban duration will usually be 48-72 hours, and is imposed at the administrators' discretion.
  • Do not make another account in an attempt to circumvent your block. It will result in the alt account being permanently blocked and your main account being blocked for an extended period.


  • If you feel that you were falsely banned, please let a Staff Member know! Please contact one of the admins on their message walls in Community Central and we will review it. Do not lie about your ban or you will be blocked for even longer afterwards. We reserve the right to not accept appeal requests if we feel that your block was justified.

Staff Rules

If you want to find out all about the roles, read this page.

  • Staff members will not be actively sought out unless they are necessary, and the decision to promote a user will be decided together by the entire staff privately.

Here are some basic guidelines to become a moderator:

If you want to find out more about the requirements, read this page.

  • You must be very active with editing or posting.
  • Be a mature person who won't misuse their power.
  • You must have joined three months prior.
  • Be nice to people.
  • If you've been banned before, you likely won't be promoted.
  • Know the rules and apply them.


Unlike other roles, the requirements and the process becoming a rollback is different, and is not considered to officially to be part of the staff. "Rollbacks" are trusted editors who have the ability to revert edits by other users to the last revision instantly without leaving the page. Anyone can apply to become a rollback as long as they have not been banned from the wiki before recently and as long as they have made at least 50 edits on articles in the wiki. If a rollback becomes inactive for more than a few months, they will be demoted.

To request rollback rights, you may ask any admin or bureaucrat on their message wall and make a case on why you would like to become a rollback, and they will review your request and talk to other staff about it as needed.

If you have questions that are not covered in this article, please message the staff about it. Bear in mind that this page is not an exhaustive list of all the things we may block users for, and we may have other reasons to block users that are not specifically included in this list, which would be stated in their block summary.