Murder Mystery 2 Wiki

Promotions rounds are opened in announcements, and they begin whenever we feel we need to bring on more team members to keep things running smoothly.

When a promotions round starts, you may nominate yourself for a position by making a new thread here. Explain what position you're running for and why, what you've done for the wiki, what you can add to the team, examples of work you have done to help the Wiki, etc. You may also nominate another user.

However, we do have a few requirements, so please make sure you or the person you're nominating meets them first. You must meet these requirements before you post your nomination thread.

Discussions Moderators

  • The requirement to run for discussions moderator is at least 1,000 discussions posts.
  • You must not have been banned from this wiki three months prior for discussion-related reasons.
  • You must have consistently reported posts that violate the rules.

Content Moderators

  • The edit requirement to run for content moderator is at least 100 article edits.
  • You must not have been banned from this wiki three months prior for edit-related reasons.
  • You must make consistent, helpful edits on articles.

And finally, a note that we may be flexible with these requirements if your contributions are significant or if we aren't able to find a suitable candidate among those who do fit the requirements. We also may end up promoting nobody at all, if we can't find someone we feel would do a good job.

The process for selecting new moderators is as follows: The existing wiki staff looks through all the nomination threads, and we narrow our options down to a handful, based on activity, helpfulness, good track record, etc. We account for public support and especially public critique — we don't have a public voting system, but if you have information about a user that you feel makes them an unfit moderator, we encourage you to post about it and let us know. Encouragement and reasons you think a user is qualified help as well.

Once we have a selected handful of potential candidates, we discuss among ourselves extensively, and finally come to a consensus.

Administrators are promoted up from a moderator position, and bureaucrats up from admin. You cannot run for either of these without first being a moderator, and we will never be accepting nominations.