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This page serves as the Murder Mystery 2 Wiki's Manual of Style, which presents guidelines about how pages should be edited and formatted.

If you'd like to provide feedback or suggest changes to the policy, please make a post on the Wiki Improvement category.

If you are looking for a general guide on how to edit any article on FANDOM, please refer to Fandom's official editing guide.

If you are looking for a guide on how to use wikitext, please refer to Fandom's help article.

Good Faith

All edits made on the Murder Mystery 2 Wiki should be made in "good faith," meaning that they are done with the intention to improve or expand upon the Wiki. Editors are usually given the benefit of the doubt, but if users make an edit to an article that is clearly not in good faith, the edit will be reverted and result in a block for a week.

General Guidelines

  • Do not engage in 'edit warring,' or repeatedly undo each other's edits for an extended period of time. If you believe an edit should not be made, please contact a content moderator or admin on their message wall for their input.
  • Do not put biased or false information on articles, or add in your own speculation.
  • Do not post fan content on the articles. If you continue to do it after staff members have told you not to, it will result in a block.
  • Do not vandalize articles.
  • Don't misuse article templates. Such templates should be reserved for pages that are stubs, legitimate candidates for deletion, etc. These will be removed if not used properly, and a warning will be issued.
  • Do not spam low-effort or pointless edits just to increase your edit count or to get badges.
  • Make sure to check spelling and grammar before finalizing an edit.
  • It is highly encouraged to add a valid edit summary explaining what you did in the edit and why before you publish your edit.

Formatting Guidelines

It is highly encouraged to use the source editor instead of the VisualEditor to make it easier to format articles.


  • All articles should be written in American English, including wikitext (ex: "color" instead of "colour," and "center" instead of "centre").
  • All information must be addressed from a neutral perspective.
  • Articles should be written in third-person, using terms such as "player" or "murderer".
    • For example, "You must survive the round or shoot the murderer" would not be correct.
    • Use gender-neutral pronouns (like they/them instead of he/him or she/her).
  • Present tense should be used whenever possible.
  • All grammar should be established properly, which means one should not mispell words or write incomplete sentences.
    • Sentences should sound normal if read aloud.
  • Numbers between zero and ten should be written in word form, numbers greater than ten should be written as numerals.


  • Commas, periods, and other punctuation marks should always go inside quotation marks.
  • The page name should always be bolded the first time it appears within the article body.
  • The page name should be written out fully the first time.
    • One should not abbreviate it.
  • Use Template:C to link to a category. For example, {{C|Category|output}} instead of [[:Category:Category name|Category name]].
  • Each article should only be linked to at most once in each page section on other articles. Any instances of the article later in the section should not contain a link.
  • Line breaks added with the enter or return key should be used over <br/> and <br>.
  • Always use "Appearance" over "Overview" for the name of the description section of a weapon.
  • Always use "Trivia" over "Notes and Trivia" for the name of the trivia section of a weapon.
  • Add commas (,) and periods (.) where needed. Oxford commas should be the standard in a list of three or more items.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary connective words, such as "also" and "however."


  • Upper and lower case letters must always be placed correctly.
    • Uppercase letters should be placed only as the initial letter of a paragraph, an article title, a map, a person, etc.
  • Lowercase letters need to be put in the rest of the paragraphs.
  • The beginning of template, category, and namespace links should be capitalized.
  • Rarities of weapons such as 'godly' and 'rare' should not be capitalized unless it is at the beginning of a sentence.


{{Stub}}{{Template|parameter=value|parameter= string <br/> string2}}Introductory text...
|parameter = value
|parameter2 = string<br>string2
== Heading ==
=== Sub-Heading ===
* Bullet
** Sub-bullet

== Formatting Rules ==
Introductory text...

Media Guidelines

  • All files should be named appropriately. Do not use generic names like "screenshot" or numbers. For example, use Nightblade.png instead of Screenshot-2020-09-04.png. Also, make sure to use spaces in file names.
  • Do not upload duplicate files. If you have a higher quality version of an existing file, replace the original file. This also means that you should not upload an image that does not contribute any new information compared to another image.
  • Do not upload media that is too low quality to recognize. Media must be recognizable, otherwise it is not useful.

Structure Guidelines

  • For details on how articles about weapons should be strucutred, read this article.

Category Guidelines