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Murder Mystery, also known as Murder Mystery 1, was a round-based survival game created by Nikilis on January 18th, 2014. The game went into beta a day later. It was renamed and replaced by Murder Mystery 2 in December of 2014.


A thumbnail for Murder Mystery, it makes a cameo in the Mansion 2 map.


Players were disguised by receiving a different name, which was based off the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. Their avatars were also altered to appear similar.

Once a map was chosen, players would be teleported to the chosen map and given the roles of either Murderer, Innocent, or Sheriff, along with a disguise. Like Murder Mystery 2, there was one Murderer, one Sheriff, and a maximum of ten Innocents. The Murderer's objective was to kill all players and avoid being shot by the Sheriff. The Sheriff's objective was to discover who the Murderer was and to shoot them before the round ended. Innocents had to survive and witness murders. Although, if the Sheriff died, their gun could be picked up by an Innocent to shoot and kill the Murderer.

MM1 Dead Sheriff

A dead Sheriff and the Murderer.

Murderers had the unique ability to see other players' footsteps. Other abilities could be acquired by buying weapons in the shop.


Weapon Image Name Type Cost
144290769 Cowboy Gun BlueCurrencyIcon800/MMC5
Splitter improved Splitter Knife BlueCurrencyIcon800/MMC5
54798135 Laser Gun BlueCurrencyIcon1200/MMC20
GhostUpdated Ghost Knife BlueCurrencyIcon1200/MMC20
PhaserUpdated Phaser Gun BlueCurrencyIcon2000/MMC40
Prince improved Prince Knife BlueCurrencyIcon2000/MMC40
ShadowUpdated Shadow Knife BlueCurrencyIcon3000/MMC125
GoldenUpdated Golden Gun BlueCurrencyIcon3000/MMC125
Blood Updated Blood Knife BlueCurrencyIcon4000/MMC175
99ada3d2ed367aa358c7284dd9c6a13b America Gun MMC25

(available July 4 - 6 2014)


Murder Mystery was a popular game for its time. It has inspired the creation for other murder mystery-themed games on Roblox, such as The Mad Murderer and MURDER. Some of Murder Mystery's maps have also been recreated as playable maps in Murder Mystery 2, but most of them were revamped or removed. Murder Mystery was later remade by a group called Roblox Remakes. The recreation of the game can be found here.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Knives that were bought before the update to Murder Mystery 2 appeared in player's inventories with a tier of their own, Classic, which was later renamed as Vintage during the Season 1 Update.
  • Players used to be able to grab the knife from the Murderer's hand, this was most likely unintentional.
  • The overall gameplay of the original Murder Mystery is similar to the Disguises gamemode in Murder Mystery 2.