RobloxScreenShot20180506 132217675

The large open area.

RobloxScreenShot20180506 132252246

One of the mineshafts.

RobloxScreenShot20180507 184817846

The small room with the lockers. The secret room is behind the second locker from the left.

Mineshaft was one of the maps in Murder Mystery 2, but was removed in 2018, no specific map seems to have replaced it. Mineshaft was the only map that was not set inside a building. It consisted of a large open area filled with water, railways with some minecarts in the mineshafts, and a small room with some lockers. Behind one of the lockers there wass a secret room where you can see Zyleak with his knife sitting. It was also a good place to find coins.

This was a easy map for both innocents and the murderer, because it was hard to see players in the dark tunnels. However, it was not an easy task for the sheriffs and heroes.

Hiding spots

  • In the lockers in the small room.
  • In the secret room behind one of the lockers.
  • At the side of the closed entrance to the mine.
  • At the side of the mineshaft (it is dark, so you are not easily seen).
  • In the small place next to the large open area and one of the mineshafts.
  • On top of some rocks in the large open place.
  • Under the small "bridge" over one of the mineshafts.