RobloxScreenShot20180505 234329471

The outside area with the giant boxes.

RobloxScreenShot20180505 234339624

The outside area.

Mil-Base (the short form of Military Base) is a fairly large map with a fair amount of hiding spots. The tube is similar to the one in Bio Lab except it is more clear. The map consists of an outside area, a meeting room, a storage room, a shower room, a room that has lights flickering, and a controlling room.

Hiding Spots

  • Inside the tube in the room with the giant tube. (First Person/Shift Lock is required to enter)
  • Behind the boxes in the room with the giant tube.
  • On top of the giant tube.
  • On Zyleak's Chair (in the small room next to the giant tube).
  • Inside the lockers or the showers in the shower room.
  • Between the giant boxes in the outside area in the map.
  • Through the vents upstairs/On the platform on the ceiling near the main room.
  • In the small room with flashing lights.
  • Under the staircase leading outside.