Mansion 2 MM2 Preview.jpg

The hallways leading around the map.

Mansion 2 is a remake of the old Mansion map. It is larger and has more hiding spots for innocents, making it a fairly suitable map for all roles. This map is one of the most favored and most voted ones of all of the maps in MM2.


Mansion 2 consists of hallways leading around the map, with two floors:

  • 1st Floor: A kitchen, a bathroom, a family room, a meeting room, a garage, a small storage room and a fireplace.
  • 2nd Floor: A bedroom and a passage leading to the fireplace in the family room downstairs.

Hiding Spots

The mansion has a fair variety of places to hide, taking the murderer more time to check around the map for innocents:

  • Inside the secret hiding place behind the picture outside the kitchen.
  • Behind the door in the small storage room.
  • Behind the cabinets in the garage.
  • On top of the lights and shelves in the garage.
  • Behind the cabinet between the garage and the small storage room.
  • Inside the refrigerator of the kitchen.
  • Inside the sink in the kitchen.
  • Behind the boxes of the kitchen.
  • Behind the door in the bathroom.
  • Inside the cabinets in the lounge.
  • In the small passage between the bedroom and the lounge.
  • Behind the door of the bedroom.
  • Behind the closet next to the garage.


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