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The Lobby is the "waiting" or "spawning" room. A player is automatically teleported here after logging into a server or respawning after a round. This is where players may vote for maps by stepping on the gray voting panels when the maps show up on display. Players may also freely view their inventory or shop while in the lobby, purchase radios or the Elite Gamepass from the respective billboards, or spectate the round. All weapons are disabled in the lobby, and the radio is also disabled in the lobby. In private servers, players can turn on lobby mode which keeps the players in the lobby instead of starting a round, until it is turned off, which will then start the game normally.

Known Lobbies

Known Lobbies
Name Time Used Description
Baseplate (Jan 2014-Feb 2014) This was the first (and a temporary) lobby and was just a small baseplate with nothing in it. There is a floating timer showing the amount of time left.
MM1 older Lobby (Feb 2014-June 2014) The MM1 older Lobby was just a dark space with a walking area and a board with three panels for voting and tips for the murderer, innocents, and sheriffs.
MM1 newer Lobby (June 2014-Dec 2014) This was the last MM1 lobby. It was similar to the previous lobby but instead of having tips for the murderer, innocents, and sheriffs on the walls, you could access the shop, the spectate menu, your inventory (presumed as it was coming soon) and you could buy cash. On another wall, there was a leaderboard which listed the top 10 players with the most kills, and how many kills they had. On the third wall, it had the total kills for the entire game, awardable Player Points (a Roblox feature at the time), the game version, and the current point rate: "1 kill = 5 points, innocent win = 1 point".
MM2 First Lobby (Dec 2014-Jan 2015) This lobby was the original and temporary MM2 lobby. it had a small cobblestone area with snow and trees surrounding it. There was also a small wooden cabin for the voting. Since the lobby was temporary, it got removed around a week later.
MM2 Castle like Lobby (Jan 2015-Oct 2015) This lobby was the second MM2 lobby. You would spawn on a bridge with water underneath, It also had different colored brick buildings around. The lobby was surrounded by trees. This was when the only mode was hardcore.
MM2 Old Lobby (Oct 2015-Oct 2017) The MM2 old Lobby was smaller than the New MM2 lobby. It had houses around and an ad for the elite pack, as well as a very small room for voting. It was added in October 2015 and removed 2 years later in October 2017.
MM2 New Lobby (Oct 2017-Present) The New MM2 Lobby has small differences: The outside area is bigger, there are more grass and stones as well as more rocks put outside, there is an ad for the Radio Gamepass and another for the Elite Gamepass. The voting room is bigger, it also has a balcony and a secret room. This was added as of 2017 and is no longer in use. There used to be a lemon behind the Radio Billboard, though it has been removed for unknown reasons.
Lobbies from 2017 onwards weren't recorded here, probably due to lack of editing or this page being secluded.


Holiday Maps

During holidays such as Halloween, and Christmas, the lobby will be changed, and will be have a theme corresponding to whatever holiday it is.

Christmas lobby 2020.jpg Halloween lobby.jpg


  • The server status sign is never used.
  • The model for the old MM2 lobby used from October 2015 - October 2017 was designed by Zyleak.
    • The model can be found here.