Knife Box #3


This list shows all of the knives in Knife Box #3. You have a 60% chance of getting a common, a 25% chance of getting an uncommon, a 10% chance of getting a rare, a 5% chance of getting a legendary, and a 0.15% chance of getting a godly.

Name Tier Type Chance
Cherry Common Knife 60%
Clan Common Knife 60%
Cardboard Common Knife 60%
Stainless Common Knife 60%
Circuit Uncommon Knife 25%
Doge Uncommon Knife 25%
Paper Uncommon Knife 25%
Nova Rare Knife 10%
Vortex Rare Knife 10%
Splash Legendary Knife 5%
Saw Godly Knife 0.15%

Cost to buy a Knife Box #3: 200 Coins