This list shows all the knives that are obtainable in Knife Box 1.

Knife Box-1 Overview.jpg

Knife Box 1's Weapons

Name Type Tier Chance
Whiteout Knife Common 70%
Splatter Knife Common 70%
Ice Knife Common 70%
Love Knife Common 70%
Bluesteel Knife Uncommon 15%
Adurite Knife Uncommon 15%
Wanwood Knife Uncommon 15%
Rainbow Knife Rare 10%
Galaxy Knife Rare 10%
Plasmite Knife Legendary 5%
Deathshard Knife Godly 1%*
Chroma Deathshard Knife Godly <1%*

*The exact chance of unboxing a Godly weapon is unknown, so this number may be inaccurate.

Knife Box 1 has three different purchase options which are listed below.

1,000 Coins 100 Gems 1 Key
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