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JD is a legendary knife that was originally obtainable by winning a giveaway hosted by JD, or by purchasing merch from the JD YouTube Channel. It is now only obtainable through trading.


Similarly to the knives in the Sparkle Time Pack, the blade has this sparkly look, consisting of many geometrical shapes varying in colors such as white blue, purple, and black. The guard is a dark purple, and the handle is solid black.


  • JD is based off the Youtube Channel, JD.
  • Version 1's design for the knife was designed by Thexz and was uploaded on the same day as he created the YouTuber code knives which is on November 15, 2016. The texture for the knife has been removed from his inventory but still can be access through here.
  • Version 2's design was also designed by Thexz and was uploaded on November 26, 2016, 11 days after Version 1's texture was created. The texture for Version 2 has been removed from his inventory but still can be accessed through here.
  • This is the only Legendary Youtuber knife.
  • In the secret room in the Lobby, Zyleak is staring at a screen with this knife cracked into it.
    • During the 2021 Halloween update, this knife was no longer in the screen in the secret room.
    • You can also see it thrown into a canister in Research Facility Map.
    • You can also see it laid on a shelf in the Police Station Map.

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