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Icebeam is a godly gun that was originally obtainable by purchasing it individually from the Icebeam Gamepass for 1,699 Robux or from the Ice Bundle for 3,399 Robux during the 2021 Christmas Event. It is now only obtainable through trading as the gamepasses have since went offsale.


It appears to resemble the look of a beam pistol with a frosty look to it. Its thin barrel is encased in a thick frame with light snowflake patterns on the bottom of it. The main frame also has some snowflake patterns on it, but it also has a sharp crystal-shaped beam of ice on the side where the hammer would be. The handle also has a thick beam of ice attached to the bottom.


  • It partners with the godly knife Iceflake, making the Iceflake Set.
  • It is the first shop godly gun that was released during Season 1.
  • This and its partner knife are the first gamepass weapons where you had the option to buy it as part of a bundle or separately.
  • It was a victim of the Duping Glitch (2022).
  • It was designed by IDontHaveAUse.


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