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iRevolver is a rare gun that is obtainable by unboxing it from Gun Box 2 or through trading.


Its barrel is dark gray with a streak of yellow underneath. The frame is also dark gray, but the cylinder chambers are also yellow. The handle is solid black with the old ROBLOX logo imprinted on it in black with a circle outline in front of an orange polygon.


  • The 'i' is based off the creator's original ROBLOX username "iPrimeFIRE".
  • Its texture was designed by PrimeFIRE94.
  • This gun, along with many other guns, are from other Murder games. For example: Twisted Murderer.
  • The description of this gun is: "Not made by Apple"[1]
  • The design on the handle is the logo for the Combine Empire from Half-Life 2


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