Murder Mystery 2 Wiki

House 2 is a small map with many hiding spots scattered around. It is the second version of House.

The map consists of a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom with a closet, a bathroom, a dining room, a garage, a laundry room/mudroom, a basement with two floors, and a backyard.

It tends to be pretty easy for the innocents because they can keep running loops to avoid the murderer and there are 2 main spots where the players can wall-camp (hide between the walls). These are the living room and the hallway which connects the basement and the bedroom.

There are 14 hiding spots listed below.

Hiding Spots

  • Inside the TV in the basement.
  • Behind the shelf in the garage.
  • Behind the door in the bedroom. (not really a good place to hide)
  • Behind the bed in the bedroom (with the sit emote).
  • Behind the boxes inside the closet in the bedroom.
  • In the shower or bathtub (with the Sit (Emote)).
  • Behind the trapdoor leading to the basement.
  • On the door frames or behind the doors.
  • Behind the boxes in the storage room.
  • Behind the DJ Booth in the basement (with the sit emote).
  • Under the dining table. (With the sit emote)
  • Behind the TV in the Living Room.
  • At the back of the laundry room, behind the washer/dryer (with the sit emote)
  • Behind the barbeque outside (with the sit emote)


  • This map, along with its predecessor, was initially controversial as it was similar to a map from a different murder mystery game, The Mad Murderer.