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The Hotel.

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The 1st floor.


Hotel is one of the maps that are still available in Murder Mystery 2. It is quite a large map with many hiding places for the innocents. One of these includes a cinema (3rd floor), which is quite a large room, as it has several chairs. And, in the back of the cinema, there is a room filled with boxes to slip behind.

Hiding Spots

  • The kitchen on the first floor. It is rarely checked.
  • The freezer in the kitchen.
  • Behind the boxes on the 1st floor. e/sit is recommended.
  • The far left/right on the 1st floor, behind the door for the small room with the office chair.
  • Behind the bed in the hotel room in 2nd floor and 3rd floor.
  • Inside storage (2nd Floor)
  • Inside the closet near the bed. (3rd Floor)
  • Inside the theater and behind the boxes in the room with the camera)
  • Behind the door in the room with boxes and the camera, it's located in the cinema.
  • By the small room with the boxes, by inching sideways you can go through a wall.