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The main entrance/lobby area.

Hospital 2

Hospital 2 is a map in Murder Mystery 2. It is fairly bigger than the original Hospital map. The map consists of a lobby, an office, two patient rooms, , a reception, a surgery room, restrooms, and air vents.

Unexperienced players with this map may have a hard time navigating through this map.

Hiding Spots

  • In the elevator shaft vent. (Vent 1)
  • In the secret hiding spot through a fake wall in the other vent. (Vent 2)
  • In the bathrooms.
  • Behind the curtains in the patient rooms.
  • In the room with Nikilis holding a knife murdering Loleris, who is put on a patient's bed.


  • When Hospital 2 is one of the three maps that you can vote, the screenshot shows the original Hospital map instead.