The Halloween Event 2017 is an event that began between somewhere in October 26 to October 27 and ended on November 14. It is currently the second newest event in Murder Mystery 2.

New Features

There are many new features in this event, but the most obvious one is likely the new Halloween Lobby. Nikilis redecorated the entire lobby for Halloween. Another new feature are the candies, which replace coins, similar to Halloween Event 2016. You can also speak to the Mysterious Traveller to trade in 100 candies from Halloween Event 2016. You cannot trade in candies from this year. If you do this, you will recieve Hallow's Blade (Godly Knife). Another feature is that the entire game's setting is turned to night. But the biggest part of this update are the new weapons. This update includes a new gamepass, which includes BattleAxe (Godly Knife), Bats (Effect), and a Traveller (Godly Pet). Like Halloween Event 2016, this event includes the Halloween Box, which you can unbox for Halloween-exclusive weapons.

Halloween Box

Just like last year, there's a new Halloween Box with the same rarities and an exclusive godly.

Name Type Tier Chance
Zombie Knife Common 60%
CandyCorn Knife Common 60%
Phantom Knife Common 60%
Ecto Knife Common 60%
Mummy Knife Uncommon 25%
Potion Knife Uncommon 25%
Webs Knife Uncommon


Magma Knife Rare 10%
Green Marble Knife Rare 10%
Blue Scratch Knife Legendary 5%
Pumpking Knife Godly ???