The Halloween Event 2015 is one of the oldest events in Murder Mystery 2, if not, the oldest in the entirety of its history. New Features are the lobby, new skins that can only be aquired during Halloween, and new challenges.


When you spawned, there will be pumpkins, as well as an orange sky, and a board that says "Take part in the new Halloween event and earn awesome rewards such as: COINS, KNIFE SKINS, AND GUN SKINS" and below is a button which says "CLICK HERE"


It works like bingo, each square has a challenge you must compplete, and completing a challenge gives you a knife/gun skin. Each role has three challenges of different difficulty. There are a total of 9 challenges, creating a 3x3 grid. If you complete all 9 challenges, you will get a godly named Spider. There is no crates, no packs, this is all it is, a bunch of challenges that rewards you like bingo.


Name Tier Type Image
Jack Rare Knife
Mummy Rare Gun
Web Legendary Knife
Rupture Legendary Gun
Spider Godly Knife
Spider 2


There was 9 challenges, the 3x3 grid is divided by the column as "Easy, Medium, Hard" and the rows as "Innocent, Sheriff, Murderer."

Easy Medium Hard Reward
Innocent Win a round Collect a total of 50 coins. Pick up the gun and shoot the murderer 150 coins
Sheriff Win a round by shooting the murderer Kill a total of 5 zombies in the infected game mode. Shoot the murderer before he can kill anyone. Rupture
Murderer Kill someone with melee Kill someone by throwing the knife. Eliminate all innocents in a round Jack
Reward 150 coins Mummy Web Spider