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Gun Box 1 is a gun crate which can be purchased from the shop for 1,000 coins, 100 Diamonds, or a Mystery Key. It was previously purchasable for 200 coins.

Possible Rewards

Current skin of Gun Box 1.

This list below shows every gun that can be unboxed from Gun Box 1:

Gun Box 1's Weapons

Name Tier Chance
Iron Common 70%
Big Kill
Bluesteel Uncommon 15%
Imbued Rare 10%
Viper Legendary 5%
Luger Godly 1%*
Chroma Luger <1%*

*The exact chance of unboxing a Godly weapon is unknown.

The contents of Gun Box 1.

Gun Box 1 has three different purchase options which are listed below.

1,000 Coins 100 Gems 1 Key