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Not to be confused with Golden, a radio.

Golden is a Vintage gun originally obtained from Murder Mystery 1. It is now only obtainable through trading.


Golden features a low-poly gun with a texture reminiscent of raw gold. It is a revolver, but has a more "path-bringer" shape.


  • It used to have a description of "Makes your revolver golden. This is only for the epic rich people", in the shop, as it was one of the most expensive and rare weapons at the time.
  • This is a reskin of the Classic Gun, and shares the same mesh as America.
  • Golden is one of the ten weapons in the Vintage Set, the others being: Shadow, Phaser, Ghost, America, Blood, Splitter, Laser, Prince, and Cowboy
  • Same as Classic Gun and America, the model of Golden was based off the gear made by ROBLOX called Sheriff Steve's Six Shooter, except the model was retextured to a golden texture.
    • The golden texture was made by Tagian, the texture can be found here.


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