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Not to be confused with the currency also known as 'Gifts’, gun known as 'Gifts (Gun)', or common knife known as 'Gifts (Knife)'.

Gifts 2015 Gifts2015Updated was the very first Christmas event currency in Murder Mystery 2 history that could only be collected during the Christmas Event 2015. These are now only obtainable through trading as the event has since ended, but currently serve no real purpose.


There appears to be three gifts, varying from a red gift, a green gift, and a blue gift. The red gift has a green ribbon with bells and polka dots on the wrapping paper. The green gift has a red ribbon with festive terms on the wrapping paper, such as “Joy,” and “Happy Holidays.” The blue gift has a white ribbon with stars on the wrapping paper, varying in colors such as white, teal, and navy blue.


Coins MM2CoinIconDiamonds Diamond iconMystery Key Key improved
Type Halloween Christmas Valentines Easter Summer
Normal Candies (2023) Candies 2023
Candies (2022) Candies2022
Candies (2021) Candies2021
Candies (2020) Candies 2020
Candies (2019) Candies2019
Candies (2018) Candies 2018 Large
Candies (2017) Candies2017
Candies (2016) Candies 2016
Gifts Gift 2023
Snow Tokens Snow Token
Logs Logs icon
Snowflake Tokens (2018) Snowflake Token 2018
Snowflake Tokens (2017) Snowflake Token
Blue Tokens BlueToken
Red Tokens Red Token
Gifts 2015 Gifts2015Updated
Hearts HeartCurrency Eggs (2024) Eggs 2024 Currency
Eggs (2023) Eggs
Beach Balls Beach Ball
Keys Traveler Key Traveler Key
Reaver Key ReaperKey
Pumpkin Key Pumpkin Key
Skeleton Key SkeletonKey improved
Snow Key SnowKey2023
Snowflake Key SnowflakeKey2018Updated2
Winter Key WinterKeyUpdated
N/A N/A Summer Key Summer Key