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All taped up and ready to be put under the tree.

—Gifted's description

Gifted is an uncommon knife that was originally obtainable by redeeming the code "F1RSTC0D3". It is now only obtainable through trading as the code has since expired.


Gifted appears to be solid white with tiny green and red Christmas designs such as trees, gingerbread men, stockings, and snowmen throughout the whole knife.


  • Gifted was designed by user Fungatki. Fungatki would then publish it to Roblox as a model on December 5th, 2014 with the name Gift Wrap Knife. Unexpectedly, the knife was purchased by Nikilis at some point between fall of December. After realising Nikilis has put the knife into the game, Fungatki renamed the model titled as "Gift Wrap Knife [Added to TM & MM2!]". The link to the model can be found here.
    • Coincidentally, Taymaster also purchased the model and was added into Twisted Murderer, another competitor against Murder Mystery 2, alongside with loleris's murder mystery based game, The Mad Murderer. The trio were known to be the 3 big developers fighting for the No.1 spot on the murder mystery based genre game on the site in 2015, each games having 1K players playing daily.
  • People think that the knife's name could come from the fact that it was gifted to people for free as long as they used the code.
  • This is one of the only Christmas themed items from the classic section.
  • This knife was released as part of the codes update in Murder Mystery 2 on December 28th, 2014[1], making it the first ever code knife. However, the code could only be redeemed for 48 hours before it was expired.