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Frostbird is a godly pet which could originally be obtained by purchasing the final tier of the Christmas Event 2018 Main Event. It can now only be obtained through trading since the event has ended.


The Frost Bird looks like a reskin of the Phoenix, but instead of it being yellow and orange, its different shades of blue. It also carries a trail of blue when flying.


  • This is one of three phoenix pets in Murder Mystery 2, The other two phoenix pets are Phoenix and Ice Phoenix.
  • This pet was obtained in the "Lumber Yard", a special tier list that is only during exclusive events like for Christmas or Halloween.
  • The pet is a retextured version of the Phoenix that came in the 8-Bit Item Pack.

Tier 1

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Tier 2

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Tier 3

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Special Tier

Heart (<3)

Chroma Tier

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