The complete list of all effects in the game.

Name What Happens Ways to Get
Pumpkin Surrounds Knife with Pumpkin Particles Expired
Radioactive Turns Victim Green Buy in Shop

(400 Coins)

Musical Makes a Musical Sound after Killing Buy in Shop
Doge-ify Turns Victim into Doge Buy in Shop
Darkfire Burns Victim with Black Fire Buy Shadow Item Pack
Heart-ify Gives Victim Heart Eye Buy in Shop
Flaming Knife Burns Victim with Red Fire Buy in Shop
Elite-ify Burns Victim with a Red Skull Head Buy Elite Gamepass
Blue Flaming Knife Burns Victim with Blue Fire Buy in Shop
Yellow Flaming Knife Burns Victim with Yellow Fire Buy in Shop
Green Flaming Knife Burns Victim with Green Fire Buy in Shop
Rainbow Flaming Knife Burns Victim with Rainbow Fire Buy a JD Merchandise
Snowflakes Covers Knife with Snowflakes Expired (Christmas Event)
Dual Wield Holds 2 Knives instead of 1 Buy in Shop
Electric Knife Turns Victim into a Skeleton Buy in Shop
??? Turns Victim into Fireflies Unknown
Knifeception Surrounds you with a knife particle (depending on which one you have equipped) Buy in Shop
Bats Surrounds Knife with Bat Particles Buy Halloween Item Pack
Monify Turns Victim into Money Unknown
Gearstorm Turns Victim into Gear Parts Buy steampunk pack (expired)
Bitsplotion Turns victim into little colourful bits Buy 8-bit item pack (expired)