Deathspeaker was a godly pet that was obtainable (by chance) through unboxing the pet crate. Deathspeaker resembles the head of the Korblox Deathspeaker which you can buy in the catalog for 17,000 Robux.


  • It's a skull, with blue and black tone, It has 2 horns, 2 glowing eyes and a hood over it. It also has a blue fire effect in it's head when equipped. 

Notes and Trivia

  • As of Season 1, the pet crate was removed and Deathspeaker can only be obtained by trading.
  • Deathspeaker is the highest valued pet that was originally unboxed excluding chroma fire pets. 

Tier 1

DogCatBunnySnowmanSanta Dog2020 PumpkinBadgerUFOPigFoxPengyPiggyElf ReindeerPumpkin 2019SeahorseyChillyFairyDogeyPumpkin (2017/2018)BearBlack CatMr. Snowman

Tier 2

Mr. ReindeerEliteyBatZombie DogElf (2019) ScarecrowBlue Pumpkin (2020)Blue Pumpkin (2019)Green Pumpkin (2020)Green Pumpkin (2019)RudolphVampire BatRed Pumpkin (2020)Red Pumpkin (2019)MechbugEyeballNobledragonIceyOverseer EyeRed Pumpkin (2018)Green Pumpkin (2018)GhostTankieSkellyPurple Pumpkin (2018)Blue Pumpkin (2018)

Tier 3

Ice PhoenixJetstreamTravellerFire PigFire DogFire CatFire FoxFire BunnyFire BearFire BatFrostbirdDeathspeakerElectroSammyPhoenixSteambird

Special Tier

Heart (<3)

Chroma Tier

Chroma Fire DogChroma Fire BearChroma Fire PigChroma Fire FoxChroma Fire BatChroma Fire CatChroma Fire Bunny

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