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All the crates that are visible during Season 1

Crates (also known as boxes) are a feature in Murder Mystery 2 that can be found in the shop. Crates either contain a gun or a knife and can be unboxed for 1000 coins, 100 diamonds or a Mystery Key. Currently, there are 11 unboxable crates.

You can unbox commons, uncommons, rares, legendaries, godly weapons and chroma weapons from crates.

Season 1

The Mystery Keys are available for 125 Gems, and they can unlock any weapon crate, while you can unlock a Mystery Box with 100 Diamonds. Mystery Keys can also be traded. You can also unlock Crates using 1,000 Coins.

All of the crates in the game are unlockable using 1,000 coins.

Mystery Keys are very similar to event keys, such as the Skeleton Key from 2018, but the event Keys can only open exclusive event crates, not regular crates.

You also have a very small chance to unbox a godly, as well as a Chroma version of the godly available in the crate. The chance of getting a godly is unknown, as is shown by the '???', although many think it is 1% of unboxing a godly, and a 0.1% for unboxing its chroma version.

All the crates that can be purchased in the game are listed down beIow.

Name Type Price Godlies
Mystery Box 2 Season 1 1,000 Coins/100 Gems/1 Mystery Key Lightbringer/Darkbringer/Chroma Lightbringer/Chroma Darkbringer
Mystery Box 1 Gemstone/Chroma Gemstone
Knife Box 1 Classic Deathshard/Chroma Deathshard
Knife Box 2 Fang/Chroma Fang
Knife Box 3 Saw/Chroma Saw
Knife Box 4 Slasher/Chroma Slasher
Knife Box 5 Tides/Chroma Tides
Rainbow Box Heat/Chroma Heat
Gun Box 1 Luger/Chroma Luger
Gun Box 2 Shark/Chroma Shark
Gun Box 3 Laser/Chroma Laser

Discontinued Crates

These Crates have been Offsale/discontinued, although the contents are still obtainable through trading. (Not including the event Crates.)

Discontinued Crates
Name Price Godlies
Legendary Box 2000 Coins Deathshard/Fang/Saw/Slasher/Tides/Luger/Shark/Laser
MLG Box 150 Coins Heat
Common Box 50 Coins None
Uncommon Box 300 Coins
Rare Box 800 Coins

Event Crates

These Crates are event exclusive content but were offsale/discontinued, although the contents are still obtainable through trading.

Event Crates
Name Price Godlies
2015 Christmas Knife Box 75 Gifts Candy
2015 Christmas Gun Box 75 Gifts Sugar
2016 Halloween Box 100 Candies Hallow's Edge
2017 Halloween Box 100 Candies Pumpking
2017 Christmas box 1 Winter Key Winter's Edge
2018 Halloween Box 1 Skeleton Key Boneblade/Chroma Boneblade
2018 Christmas Box 1 Snowflake Key Gingerblade/Chroma Gingerblade
2019 Halloween Box 1000 Candies/Pumpkin Key Elderwood Revolver
2019 Christmas Box 600 Snow Tokens/Snow Key Minty
2020 Halloween Box 600 Candies/Pumpkin Key Hallowgun
2020 Christmas Box 800 Snow Tokens/Snow Key Iceblaster