Crafting Guide

This is the complete guide for Crafting in this game. This page will just basically give you all the recipes for crafting.

Crafting Recipe
Random Uncommon Weapon x12 Common Shards and x6 Common Metal
Random Rare Weapon x12 Uncommon Shards and x6 Uncommon Metal
Random Legendary Weapon x15 Rare Shards and x8 Rare Metal
Seer (Godly) x10 Legendary Shards
Flames (Ancient) x2 Godly Shards, x1 Godly Metal, 1 Fire Orb, and 1 Water Orb


Salvaging is another feature for crafting in MM2.

What is basically does is if you decide to salvage a knife, you get specific things to craft another knife that is worth more then the knife you salvaged to get it.

One note you should keep in mind is you CANNOT salvage Classic Knives, Code Knives, Ancient Knives and event knives.

So i'll just list down the things you get when you salvage knives.

Salvaging Rewards
Common Weapon x1-3 Common Shards/x0-2 Common Metal
Uncommon Weapon x1-3 Uncommon Shards/x0-2 Uncommon Metal
Rare Weapon x2-3 Rare Shards/x0-2 Rare Metal
Legendary Weapon x2 Legendary Shards/x0-2 Legendary Metal
Godly Weapon x1-2 Godly Shards
Tides (Godly) x1-2 Godly Shards/1 Water Orb
Heat (Godly) x1-2 Godly Shards/1 Fire Orb
Seer (Godly) x1 Godly Metal