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Codes are small rewarding feature in Murder Mystery 2, similar to Promos, that allow players to enter a small portion of writing in their inventory and upon doing so, the player may receive a reward such as a knife, gun, or even a pet. Codes are mostly always given away at Nikilis's twitter page. Codes can also be given away at JD's YouTube channel.

Working Codes

There are no working codes right now.

Past Codes (Discontinued)

Promotion Weapons
Name Type Type Code Image
Gifted Uncommon Knife F1RSTC0D3 Gifted improved.png
Reptile Common Knife R3PT1L3 Reptile..png
2015 Common Knife 2015 2015 improved.png
Patrick Common Knife PATR1CK Patrick improved.png
Skool Common Knife B4CK2SK00L Skool improved.png
Goo Common Knife G003Y Goo improved.png
TNL Common Knife N3XTL3V3L TNL improved.png
Neon Common Knife N3ON Neon.png
Infected Common Knife INF3CT3D Infected improved.png
Prism Common Knife PR1SM Prism improved.png
Alex Common Knife AL3X Alex improved.png
Corl Common Knife C0RL Corl improved.png
Denis Common Knife D3NIS Denis improved.png
Sketchy Common Knife SK3TCH Sketchy improved.png
Sub Common Knife SUB0 Sub improved.png
Pumpkin 2017 Common Pet HW2017 PumpkinUpdated.png
Combat II Common Knife COMB4T2 Combat2.png


  • Pumpkin 2017 is the only pet which was obtainable by redeeming a code.
  • TNL is based off the Twitch stream series ran by several ROBLOX employees known as "The Next Level". The Twitch series ran from 2014 to 2016.
  • Skool's code came out around when kids were going back to school. Users could redeem this for a period of time, before the code expired.
  • Combat II is the first Season 1 code.
  • The reason on why Combat II was released is due to multiple users demanding Nikilis to make a new code knife to the game.
  • Alex, Corl, Denis, Sketchy and Sub's design are based off from the members of the popular ROBLOX youtuber group known as The Pals.
  • Gifted and Reptile are the first code knives to be added into the game.