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Chroma Weapons are color changing versions of several godlies.

In Season 1, every crate was given an unboxable chroma version of the godly weapon contained inside, although, the chances of unboxing a chroma are extremely low. The only chroma not obtained through unboxing was the Chroma Seer, obtained through crafting.

Chroma Weapons
Name Type Obtained From Image
Chroma Darkbringer Gun Mystery Box 2 Chroma Darkbringer (without background).png
Chroma Lightbringer Gun Mystery Box 2 Chroma Lightbringer (without background).png
Chroma Luger Gun Gun Box 1 Chromaluger-0.png
Chroma Laser Gun Gun Box 3 Chromalaser-0.png
Chroma Heat Knife Rainbow Box Chromaheat.png
Chroma Shark Gun Gun Box 2 Chromashark.png
Chroma Gemstone Knife Mystery Box 1 Chromagemstone.png
Chroma Fang Knife Knife Box 2 Chromafang improved.png
Chroma Slasher Knife Knife Box 4 Chromaslasher-0.png
Chroma Deathshard Knife Knife Box 1 Chromads.png
Chroma Tides Knife Knife Box 5 Chromatides-0.png
Chroma Saw Knife Knife Box 3 Chromasaw-0.png
Chroma Seer Knife Crafting Chromaseer.png
Chroma Boneblade Knife Halloween 2018 Chroma Boneblade.png
Chroma Gingerblade Knife Christmas 2018 Chroma Gingerblade.png
Chroma Candleflame Knife Halloween 2021 CandleflameChroma.png