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Christmas Event 2019 was an event that began on December 23, 2019 and ended on January 13, 2020. This event featured a tier event, a mystery box, a gifting center, a challenge, a leaderboard event, a lobby, new maps, and a gamepass.

Token Rewards (Tier Event)

There were 30 tiers in total, each one costing 600 snow tokens, with an addition of a 70,000 token reward upon completing the 30th tier.

Main Event Rewards
Tier Reward Image
1 Snowman Pet Snowmanpet improved.png
2 Frosted Knife FrostedKnife improved.png
3 Snowflake Gun Snowflakes2019Gun.png
4 Pine Knife PinesUpdated.png
5 Snow Key SnowKey.png
6 Gifts Knife GiftsUpdated.png
7 Snow Key SnowKey.png
8 Snow Key SnowKey.png
9 Gingerbread Knife GingerbreadKnifeUpdated.png
10 Snow Key SnowKey.png
11 Mystery Key Key improved.png
12 Elf 2019 Elf2019Christmas.png
13 Snow Key SnowKey.png
14 Lights Gun 4534872673.png
15 Snow Key SnowKey.png
16 Frozen Gun Frozen (Gun).png
17 Santa Pet 4535365003.png
18 Snow Key SnowKey.png
19 Mystery Key Key improved.png
20 Aurora Knife Aurora improved.png
21 Rudolph Pet Rudolph (pet).png
22 Toy Token Toytokenimproved.png
23 Snow Key SnowKey.png
24 Candy Swirl Gun CandySwirlGun improved.png
25 Snow Key SnowKey.png
26 Snow Key SnowKey.png
27 Mystery Key Key improved.png
28 Snow Key SnowKey.png
29 Cavern Knife Ggf.png
30 Logchopper Prompt for 70,000 Snow Tokens Logchopper.png

Every tier except the 30th costs 600 Snow Tokens.

Christmas Box

The 2019 Christmas Box was the new box for this event. It could be opened with 600 tokens or a Snow Key.

Christmas Box

Christmas Box '19 Weapons
Name Type Rarity Chance Image
Gifts Gun Common 70% Gifts icon.png
Froasted Gun Common 70% Frosted.png
Snowflakes Knife Common 70% Snowflakes 2019.png
Pine Gun Common 70% Pine gun.png
Frozen Knife Uncommon 15% Frozen Knife.png
Gingerbread Gun Uncommon 15% GingerbreadGun2019 improved.png
Lights Knife Uncommon 15% Lights Knife.png
Aurora Gun Rare 10% Aurora Gun.png
Candy Swirl Knife Rare 10% CandySwirl improved.png
Cavern Gun Legendary 5% Cavern Gun.png
Minty Gun Godly <1%* Hdminty.png

*The exact chance of unboxing a Godly weapon is unknown.

Gifting Center

The gifting center was where gifts were buyable for 1,000 snow tokens. These gifts were only able to be opened by other players. Inside the gift was a random item from any Mystery Box.

Gifting center.png

Giving 100 gifts would reward the player with Lugercane.

Santa's Challenge

In this challenge, Saint Nikilis claims that he needs to finish off a few gifts for Christmas, and that he needs your help. 10 weapons that the player does not have will be listed (4 commons, 3 uncommons, 2 rares, and 1 legendary.) Once all weapons were obtained the player would be rewarded with Santa's Magic.



There were 2 leaderboards during this event, one for collecting tokens and one for gifts given. Spending tokens or buying tokens did not affect the total amount of tokens collected.

Leaderboard Rewards
Name Image Obtain Owner (Except Blue)
Blue Logchopper BlueLogchopperUpdated.png Top 100 on Tokens Collected Leaderboard -
Blue Minty Blue minty.png Top 100 on Gifts Given Leaderboard -
Bronze Logchopper LogchopperBronzeUpdated.png 3rd Place on Tokens Collected Leaderboard FieryFallen_Angel
Bronze Minty MintyBronzeUpdated.png 3rd Place on Gifts Given Leaderboard proto_fox
Silver Logchopper LogchopperSilver.png 2nd Place on Tokens Collected Leaderboard ChrisPatron
Silver Minty MintySilverUpdated.png 2nd Place on Gifts Given Leaderboard DreamfulBella
Gold Logchopper LogchopperGold.png 1st Place on Tokens Collected Leaderboard Hippocritical
Gold Minty MintyGoldUpdated.png 1st Place on Gifts Given Leaderboard vFad4d


A new map, Workshop, was released this event. It was themed as the toy workshop of Saint Nikilis and his elves. It had unique features such as an elf morph and the elf of the year picture that displayed the avatar of the user that saw it.



Logchopper was the new ancient knife, in order to obtain it, one must have finished the Tier Event and have payed 70,000 Snow Tokens.



The first feature of the Christmas Event was the release of Eternalcane, which was obtained by buying anything from MM2Shop.

Frostbite Item Pack

The Frostbite Item Pack was released for 1699 robux. This pack was only available during the event.

Frostbite Item Pack
Name Type Image
Frostbite Knife Frostbite improved.png
Frostbite (Effect) Effect FrostbiteEffectInventory.png
Icey Pet Icey improved.png