The Christmas Event 2018 is the most current event taking place in December of 2018.


Christmas Box when unboxed gives you a weird chance of unboxing a variety of things, ranging from godly to Common, a knife or a gun. The best tier to unbox is godly since it is only 1% or lower, and Seers are high.

Lumber Yard is similar to Halloween 2018 event. There are 100 tiers, one tier can be unlocked by using logs. Logs can be bought for 60 gems, or in the normal way, must be unlocked everytime you grow a tree. This time when salvaging you have ornaments and hang them on Christmas trees. But everytime you exchange ornaments for tokens, it takes 10 minutes until you can add more for exchange. you can buy a Fertilizer for 50 gems, this will immedietly skip the 10 minutes for a full tree.

Leaderboard has 100 ranks. Rank 1 has their very own golden exclusive Unique tier knife. Rank 2 has their very own exclusive Silver tier knife. Rank 3 has the Bronze. Rank 4-100 has the Brown. We are not sure of what the rewards are going to be. The leaderboard follows the 100 of the players with the most amount of tokens when exchanged through ornaments. Spending tokens do not lower you in the leaderboard.

Icewing is the item you get for the pass. It costs 2499 robux. Looks almost like a Batwing, but an Ice Scythe.


The lobby has been revamped, to more snow on the ground and snowflakes falling from the sky. you can see a lot of Christmas trees with lornaments everywhere, because that is where the salvage and exchange process happens.

Lobby 2018 xmas

Christmas Box

Name Tier Type Image
Chroma Gingerblade Godly Knife
Chroma Gingerblade
Gingerblade Godly Knife
Candy Slayer-Gingerblade
Ginger Legendary Knife
Cane Rare Gun
Cane gun 2018
Icicles Rare Knife
Sweater Uncommon Gun
Sweater 2018
Holly Uncommon Knife
Snowflake Uncommon Gun
Snowflake 2018
Wrapped Common Knife
Santa Common Knife
Santa 2018
Snowman Common Knife
Snowman 2018
Coal Common Gun
Coal 2018
Xmas crate 2018

Lumber Yard

Tier Name Type Image
1 <NONE>
2 Coal (Common) Knife
Coal 2018 knife
3 Elf (Common) Gun
Elf gun 2018
4 Snowman (Common) Gun
Snowman gun
5 Wrapped (Common) Gun
Wrapped gun 2018
6 <NONE>
7 Snowflake Key Key
8 Snowflake (Uncommon) Knife
Snowflake knife 2018
9 <NONE>
10 <NONE>
11 Holly (Uncommon) Gun
Holly gun
12 <NONE>
13 <NONE>
14 Sweater (Uncommon) Knife
Sweater knife
15 <NONE>
16 <NONE>
17 <NONE>
18 <NONE>
19 <NONE>
20 Snowflake Key Key
21 <NONE>
22 Icicles (Rare) Gun
Icicles knife
23 <NONE>
24 Snowflake Key Key
25 <NONE>
26 <NONE>
27 Snowflake Key Key
28 <NONE>
29 Snowflake Key Key
30 Cane (Rare) Knife
Cane knife
31 <NONE>
32 Snowflake Key Key
33 <NONE>
34 Snowflake Key Key
35 <NONE>
36 <NONE>
37 Snowflake Key Key
38 <NONE>
39 Snowflake Key Key
40 <NONE>
41 Snowflake Key Key
42 <NONE>
43 Snowflake Key Key
44 <NONE>
45 Snowflake Key Key
46 <NONE>
47 Snowflake Key Key
48 <NONE>
49 Snowflake Key Key
50 Ginger (Legendary) Gun
Ginger gun 2018
51 <NONE>
52 <NONE>
53 <NONE>
54 <NONE>
55 Snowflake Key Key
56 <NONE>
57 <NONE>
58 <NONE>
59 <NONE>
60 Snowflake Key Key
61 <NONE>
62 <NONE>
63 <NONE>
64 <NONE>
65 Snowflake Key Key
66 <NONE>
67 <NONE>
68 <NONE>
69 <NONE>
70 Snowflake Key Key
71 <NONE>
72 <NONE>
73 <NONE>
74 <NONE>
75 Snowflake Key Key
76 <NONE>
77 <NONE>
78 <NONE>
79 <NONE>
80 Snowflake Key Key
81 <NONE>
82 <NONE>
83 <NONE>
84 <NONE>
85 Snowflake Key Key
86 <NONE>
87 <NONE>
88 <NONE>
89 <NONE>
90 Snowflake Key Key
91 <NONE>
92 <NONE>
93 <NONE>
94 <NONE>
95 Snowflake Key Key
96 <NONE>
97 <NONE>
98 <NONE>
99 <NONE>
100 Frostbird (Godly) Pet

Ginger Luger

The other godly you get is a revolver called the Ginger Luger. As the name implies, it is a Luger, but redesigned it's decal to be more of the Ginger. You craft it by first . unboxing two godlies, the Gingerblade from the Christmas 2018 crates, and then Gun Box 1, a Luger. You salvage both Lugers and Gingerblade, and craft the Ginger Luger.

Ginger Luger


Originally, back in 2016-2017, Nikilis would release a gamepass around 1299 robux that would give you three ultra rare godlies of a kind. There are always a godly knife, sometimes a godly gun, sometimes an effect and sometimes a pet. Every combo has happened before. However, ever since the removal of the Shadow Pack, Nikilis now increase the price of the pass to 2499 robux and the item you get is an Ancient tier knife, not three godlies in one. This happened since Halloween 2018 for the Batwing, now they have Icewing for Christmas. Only available during Christmas of 2018, otherwise you only trade for it.

Icewing buy